FitFootball Evidence

Antjuan Simmons

#34 Michigan State

"My experience was phenomenal. Coach Brown and Coach Scranton are some of the very best at developing talent. The amount of time they put into learning every players game and figuring them out is second to none. You are going to get top of the line coaching."

Codey Cole

#94 Kansas University
Defensive Lineman

"FITfootball is a great program that is going on for defensive and offensive lineman around michigan. There isnát many places that give lineman a chance to get better and work their graft to bet ready for the next level. FITfootball is a great program that will increase your skills as a lineman and its a great group of guys just trying to get better."

Jodan Lewis

#98 Indiana Wesleyan University
Defensive Lineman

"Fitfootball is an amazing way for me to get out and get better, I love the energy that Coach Brown and Coach Scranton bring to each workout. The things I learn at Fitfootball i am able to take back to school and work on them with my teammates. If you are a guy looking to get a head of the game no matter what level of football you're playing I'd give Fitfootball a try."

Matt Skibinski

#77 Miami of Ohio University
Offensive Lineman

"I want to thank FITfootball for providing an opportunity for myself as well as young players around the state to come perfect their craft. Offensive and defensive line play is as intricate as it gets and yet it has been one of the most under coached aspects of the game. FITfootball's effort to put an end to this is something that could change and mold many young careers. Coach Feigel, Coach Brown, and Coach Scranton are as knowledgeable as they come and their commitment to providing top level training goes to show how much they care about the game and the young players who take advantage of the this great opportunity."

Mason Nelson

Committed to Play at West Point

Fitfootball has helped me become the player that I have dreamed about becoming.  I've been going for a little over two years and seen the progress FIT has installed into me.  If you want to bring your game o the next level and achieve whatever goal you have, FITfootball is the place to be at.

Wayne State University Defensive Line Training July 2019